Welcome to The Auld Rogue !

Irish-owned and Irish-run!

Irish Pub in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

We are a family-run IRISH PUB in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Both the owner and the bar manager are real Irish lads, so they know what an Irish pub needs to offer!

We serve typical Irish pub food, lots of Irish beers, whiskeys and other drinks!


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Support the local team!

On Friday (Sep 23rd) we are showing Bochum vs VfB Stuttgart at 18:30 - let's see if Stuttgart can start their comeback and head back towards the 1st Bundesliga... On top of that we are also showing Arsenal vs Chelsea at 17:30 on Saturday.

NFL and College Football are both back!

This weekend we have Tennessee vs Florida Gators (19:30) in College Football on Saturday, with other games to be posted once we know which ones are being covered here. In the NFL we have a packed program on Sunday with Packers vs Lions and Giants vs Redskins (19:00) followed by Eagles vs Steelers and 49ers vs Seahawks(22:00) - what a great weekend we have ahead of us! Enjoy the games with our Spare Ribs with Homemade BBQ Sauce!

For more details of the sports we are showing, please see our Sports section.


We now have a range of permanent and guest craft beers, including Pale Ales, IPAs, APAs, EPAs, Ales, Bitters and other beers. See our Drinks Section for more details about what we currently have to tantalize your taste buds!


The next Karaoke Night is on Saturday October 1st so come along and enjoy a night's entertainment with lots of people doing what they should probably only do in the shower! The fun starts at 20:00...


October 29th at 14:00:  Nick will be hosting a special "Uisce or Uisge? – Battle of the Giants!" whisk(e)y tasting. What came first, the chicken or the egg – or in this case, Irish or Scottish whisk(e)y? And more importantly – which is better? The first question is hard to answer but in this tasting we will compare three different styles of whisk(e)y from each country to see which ones we think are better: Rum finish, peaty with a sherry finish, and a white wine finish. A brief introduction will be given to each of the whiskeys and the best way to enjoy them. The rest is up to your palate! This promises to be an amazing tasting! For more information about the whiskies, please see our News & Events section.


November 5th at 14:00 - We don't have the details of Nick's next beer tasting at The Auld Rogue but should have them in the next couple of days. Keep your eyes on this spot! In the meantime, click on the image below for details of our last BEER & CHOCOLATE tasting. Yes, that's right, we combined two of the best things on this planet - beer and chocolate - in one amazing event! Back in January we combined beer and cheese, for those of you who remember that legendary day, and last weekend we did it again: Two amazing beers from Schneider-Weisse paired with chocolates and presented by their beer sommelier Andreas Blasius. Plus we had three other powerful beers from Austria, the Netherlands and America to tantalize your taste buds. All of this  with three rounds of mouth-watering food! A brief introduction was given to each of the beers and the best way to enjoy them. The rest was up to your palate - and by golly was it a great day's entertainment! See our News & Events section for details...

We now accept CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS for bills over EUR 20.00.






Come and watch live sports in the comfort of an air-conditioned bar. We show
 Gaelic Sports

English Premier League


and German Bundesliga Football.



Every Saturday and Sunday

we also show
American NFL/AFL Football and

College Football
served with
Spare Ribs in our special
Homemade BBQ Sauce!